Grytics for Workplace by Facebook

Grytics for Workplace is a professional Workplace by Facebook analytics tool. You can measure, analyze and optimize your Workplace.

Grytics for Workplace allows you to obtain statistics and metrics on the activity of one or more Workplace groups. You can manage and benchmark all your groups in one place. You can monitor your groups activity on a daily basis.

Key statistics give a quick and global view about your group performance and evolution. Publication statistics let you find the trending Entreprise and Business topics and which projects are the most important. You can get staff members participation and engagement statistics. You can identify your most active, leading and influencers members in one or more groups. You can get publications (posts and comments) lists with statistics and organize your lists with tags. You can get members lists with statistics according to their engagement and manage your members lists with tags.

Besides, you can use the Publishing Tool to schedule and publish posts in your Workplace groups. You can get reports in PDF/PPT/Excel. You can manage your team .You can set time zones for each group and use the API for your Workplace community.

Fields of application are:

  • Human Resources & Internal Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research & Development
  • Sales & Marketing