Fund raising to accelerate Grytics & growth

1339, the social media Saas solutions publisher, raises 400 000 € to accelerate Grytics & growth

Press release – Paris, May the 31th 2016
The social media start-up 1339 announces a first fundraising round of 400 000€ by Finovam Gestion.
1339 publishes Grytics and, two SaaS solutions helping brands and institutions alike analyze their Facebook audiences and that of their competitors, as to optimize the marketing impact of their Groups and Pages :

  • Grytics is the only professional reporting software for Facebook Groups. It provides statistics and metrics on up to multiple groups (ratings, KPIs, engagement, influencers…)
  • is a comprehensive Fans reporting tool for Facebook Pages, even those without admin access. It allows for seeing the more engaged members of a community, ordering them by engagement and drive, classifying pages by engagement rate…

“We are tapping into a market that, as of now, no one can define by size. Imagine that just for Facebook Groups, 700 million people write and read 1 billion posts every month, worldwide” says Stéphane Baudin, CEO and co-founder of 1339.

“Our clients themselves, which are mainly from English speaking countries, define the limitless use cases of Grytics and monetize access to their groups, operate marketing benchmarks, carry out competitive analyses on their or their competitors’ products, etc.” adds Quentin Nichini, CMO, CTO and co-founder of 1339.

Behind the company is Quentin Nichini, web-marketing specialist, who developed Grytics to facilitate the managing of “C’est quoi ton mail?”, a Facebook group for digital experts that he co-founded. Impressed by the tool’s capabilities, he and Stephan Baudin, at the time COO and co-founder of Tricast, decided to create a company to market Grytics and develop new services such as
Two years in, the start-up already has 800 clients and 16 000 users, 95% of which are out of France, and more than 40% within the US.
Alexandre Koressios, Investment Director at Finovam Gestion : “Finovam Gestion is delighted to complete this first fund raising in 1339 for the FIRA NORD-EST Fund. We think 1339 gives companies very powerful tools to manage their social media communities. Social media is steadily opening up to businesses, which we think may allow 1339 to become very successful. With this first investment in the Champagne-Ardenne region, Finovam Gestion is fully operational in its mission to provide seed money and support to companies with a high growth potential, in France and worldwide.”
This fundraising round means to support the company in its continuous growth and to consolidate its position by investing in marketing, product development and hiring.

About 1339 :

1339 is the publisher of SaaS solutions Grytics and, which already help more than 800 brands and institutions worldwide analyze their Facebook audiences and that of their competitors, as to optimize the marketing impact of their Groups and Pages. 1339 is backed by the incubators Technopole de L’Aube en Champagne and ID Champage Ardenne since September 2014, and is receiving support from BPI France and the Grand-Est region. In 2016, in their first fundraising effort, 1339 raised 400 000€ with Finovam Gestion.

About Finovam Gestion :

Finovam Gestion is an investment fund accredited by the AMF, and is specialized in technological venture capital. Thanks to its close ties to research organizations and universities, incubators, the SATT network and the competitive industrial cluster in North-East France, the Finovam team identifies innovative projects upstream, and guides their development in terms of financing, product and market strategies, as well as industrial and commercial partnerships.

Press :

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